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Encounter Machine - Ep 02 - The Dungeon Turning Point

December 7, 2016



Greetings to all sentient beings.





Tabletop encounters that will take YOUR game to the next level.


Encounter 2: Husks: The Dungeon Turning Point


Frame: Deep in a dungeon, when you need to shake things up

Mechanical: Swarms released by touch, finding an escape

Hull: Horrifying forms of long-dead abominations, baffling cavern gloom, no way out

Weapons: Oozes, Black Pudding, Hatchlings, Confusion

Wetware: Wracking memories of evil darker than human malice


Level: 3-7

Monsters: Oozes, Black Pudding, Spider Swarm (p. 240 5E MM...corrosion!!)

Timer: Find an exit, 4 possible locations determined by a d4 on successful search

Threat: Any time terrain is touched, spawn 1d6 enemies, ooze-slick floors make ANY movement a dex check

Treat: Loot a hollowed husk-corpse to find an item from table G (p. 147 of the 5E DMG)

Attachments: A perfect place to form phobias, or hint at an evil that threatens the entire world