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Encounter Machine - Ep. 01 - The Fog of Time

November 13, 2016


 Greetings to all sentient beings.





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Tabletop Terrors



Encounter 1: The Fog of Time


Frame: Any time your players want to travel

Mechanical: A Goblin battle in a moving mass of time distortion

Hull: Road, Wagon, Fog, Forest

Weapons: Goblins, Combat Exclusion

Wetware: Echoes across the centuries, objects that appear ancient in the present from folks in the fog


Level: 1-5

Monsters: Goblins, one Big 'Ol Goblin (double stats)

Timer: The fog slides forward with the breeze, 30 feet/round. He who stands within is transported to 150 years ago, when Goblins massacred the halflings of Riverbend. Maybe you can make a difference. Objects are also transported.

Threat: Goblins pour outta de bushes

Treat: Be known as a hero for decades if you can save Walter Maltwood, mayor of Riverbend

Attachments: This is a good encounter to start a campaign, and can easily stand alone without opening up a Terminator 2 paradox chain. Can also come back later.